Friday, February 13, 2009

God's reasons

Q: I was sick & god made me well, healed me!" I say "sure but "it" made or allowed you to get sick in the first place, so what? Besides what does the crea­tor get out of all this suffering?" And the gullible says "god has his rea­sons".( why "his".. not "hers"or "its"? we have been programmed well) Fine I say "what are they?"

A: Well, according to what I’ve understood from the Quran, first of all, God speaks in shifting pronouns and tells us that He is One and Only and nothing we can imagine. Also, the pronouns He uses for Himself are I and We…. both neutral, that is can be used by male, female or neuter gender. Also, in atleast in Arabic language, unless specifically speaking about females, the general style of speech is in the male tense.And the answer to your second question is that God says that He inflicts us with disease, hunger, poverty, adversities to bring us closer to Him as when we humans are affluent, most of us generally like to take credit for it all and consider it all our own achievements and good practices, but when struck by adversity, we feel helpless and turn towards God. He also says that all the riches of the world are nothing in His eyes, and if He so wanted, He would give mansions of gold and silver to all the non-believers to thoroughly enjoy their brief life on Earth, but the only reason He does not do that is because He wishes to guide those who seek guidance………. Humans are weak and easily impressive…….. and need help both in the physical and the spiritual realm!
I did sort of explain my view to someone earlier regarding life on earth, please check out this blog entry:

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