Saturday, May 15, 2010

Muslims, education and enlightenment

Question: Why do you suppose that muslim nations turned their back on education and enlightenment while Europeans have embraced knowledge, inquiry, ethics & morals?
question generated in response to: Questions about Islam

Answer: When Islam was revealed, the Prophet emphasized on the importance of inquiry, knowledge and learning. As Muslim civilization flourished, people took up academic research as a religious duty, and thus were launched the golden years of the Islamic civilization. Check out the links below to see some contributions of muslims to the world of science and learning.
Later, as history bears witness, the same happened which has been the fate of all great civilizations. The later generations basked in the glory of their predecessors, enjoying the fruits of their labour, and not contributing much themselves. Then came an era when people started feeling threatened by open thought, and sought to return to the original by closing the door on inquiry and interpretation. This was followed by Mongol invasions when great libraries were burnt down.
Islam is a great religion, and the Holy Quran a great guidance, if only we are willing to take it.

The Holy Quran Chapter 96, Verses 4,5
96:4) He Who taught (the use of) the pen,-
96:5) Taught man that which he knew not
It is popularly believed that the first five verses of Chapter 96 were the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad.

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