Saturday, August 21, 2010

Religion and Control

A comment about religion: religion provided both social, cultural and legal regulations to boot. man's greed has had to have societal constraints, as far back and before written history. religion just added another aspect of the controls over people as they gathered into early societies, the society being the basic form of protection against other men, wild creatures and things that go bump in the night. I still sprinkle salt all around my doors and windows, to keep out the roving wood willies that patter about in the dark of night!!!!!
My Response: Humans who are greedy, and seek to control, indulge in tyranny... they use all possible resources: political, economic, ideological to that end. Religion becomes yet another tool in the hands of these tyrants. We have been blessed with many things, and guidance is one of them. Some people then took on the role of the leaders [priests] of these religions, and others chose to become their followers. It is not the fault of guidance, the onus lies on those who seek to control and those who choose to follow.

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