Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jesus Christ

In an email group, GM wrote: If you think that JESUS CHRIST is just a human being and the prophet of God, then surely you are talking about the ISA of the Quran. I am repeatedly telling the people in this forum that JESUS of the Bible and ISA of the Quran is totally different. Our Lord JESUS is none other than the GOD Almighty or SON of GOD or SON of MAN, but your ISA is NOTHING but a simple human being and a prophet of Allah. PAUL did NOT make JESUS God, but the Bible clearly vouches for HIS divinity. Kindly do your home-works on your Quran first and then the Bible. It is my earnest desire that you and the rest of Muslim world believe in JESUS and have ETERNAL LIFE. May the Spirit of God open your Eyes to the LIGHT, your Ears to the TRUTH, and your Heart to His SON, the Lord JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST, the Almighty God, bless you all….!

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Virgin Birth

Virgin birth of Jesus is a matter of much debate. What we believe or not is a matter of faith, and depends on how we read and interpret the scripture(s). However, scientists have been studying parthenogenesis, the term used to describe virgin birth. Though virgin birth has been widely observed in nature, there are very few cases of experimental virgin birth in mammals, and no known cases yet in the wild. Combining observed phenomenon with emerging studies in Biophysics, and using analogies of known computing and communication technology, we can try to comprehend and appreciate the miracle of virgin birth. 
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Jesus – Ascension & Return

Several people across many religions expect a Messiah to come save the Believers. Some Muslims believe that Messiah Jesus (Masih Isa ibn-e-Maryam) was raised alive and is with God, while others assert that he died a natural death. Yet others are in doubt. This also leads them to assert that there will be no second coming of Jesus. Based on some verses of the Quran, I believe that Jesus was raised alive and will return as the Messiah. 
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