Monday, June 1, 2009

This Life, Resurrection and Retribution

Question: We are knowingly dishonest, morning, noon and night, knowingly and willingly behaving in a less than optimum manner. That behaviour has consequences and it is these consequences that are designed beforehand as safeguards into the Kosmos. They are not decided on a one at a time basis. They are an automated part of the eternal system. No judgment and handing out of customised punishments is involved.

Answer: I had to re-read your post as there are certain sentences that I totally agree with, and those that are quite different to my understanding. For example the above quote…. quite similar to what I’ve been saying when I compare life and predestination to a super computer program. We make choices, and all are coded like if-elseif-else constructs, such that whatever choice we make, it is already known to God, and consequences predestined. How is that different /opposite to the concept of trial? God can, and I believe has, incorporated trial in the software.And how is it punishment? Trial and pre-destination are not punishment. But we have been told that all our choices and intentions are being recorded, and the consequences of which we will receive in after-life. Ofcourse, if one doesn’t believe in after-life, one does not wish to accept this last part……….but if there is no after-life, what is the point or purpose of this life?Also, if there is a majestic Creator who not only created everything but also designed a flawless super program, what is there to stop Him from intervening in His program whenever or however He wishes, both in this world and in the here-after.And since He did create us in the first place, what is there to stop Him from resurrecting us?

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