Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why couldn't God protect the earlier scriptures?

Question: If you had been born into a Jewish or Christian family and culture, the odds are that you would now be a follower of one of those religions. Why do you think that an all knowing God went to the trouble of creating those religions, if he knew they would become corrupted and need to be replaced ? How come 'He' was able to perfectly protect the contents of the Holy Quran, but not able to protect the contents of the Hebrew Scriptures, or the New Testament ?I'm still trying to get my head around the links you gave me, I will try to respond soonish.... honest !!!!

Answer: Probably so, but who knows. All I can say is that I have read the Quran, Bible and Torah, and the Quran seems to stand the test of truth and accuracy.
It is not that God could not protect the earlier scriptures, rather he chose not to. Just like he left choice of religion to our free-will, he allowed us to do what we wanted with the scriptures as well. Do keep in mind that God had been sending prophets and revealing scriptures ever since man has been accountable. But since the Quran was meant to be the last and final scripture, and no prophet is to come now, we humans needed something from God to guide us. For this purpose, God guaranteed that this book will not suffer change!
Also, God did not create so many religions. His basic message has always been the same. Humans have made changes. A reading of the text of most world religions readily shows that. Where people have not been able to make enough changes in the original text, they have cleverly written/attributed books to other ‘holy’ men and say that now it is okay to follow this instead of what’s written in the original text.

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