Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Holy Quran

On a question about what is the Quran:
We believe that The Holy Quran is the final revelation of God for the guidance of mankind. We also believe that its been protected across the ages so that nothing has been added to or subtracted from the Arabic original, thus it retains its pristine beauty and is free from human interpolation. It has been translated into many languages, but as these are done by humans, in spite of utmost care and research, there are some differences to be found among the translations. Two recommended translations are by Abdullah Yusuf Ali and M Pickthal.
More than 1400 years ago, God chose Muhammad as His prophet, and The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years. Different verses were revealed at different instances. These were later ordered and compiled together (orally, that is commited to memory) during the final years of the Prophet's life, in the form we see it today. The compiled written text is, we believe, a true replication of that oral tradition, as it was achieved during the lifetime of the Prophet's companions. The direct addressee of the Quran is thus Prophet Muhammad and the people of Arabia, especially Mecca and Medina to whom the Prophet was directly preaching. The beauty of the Quran is that when you read it, you feel its directly addressing you, your thoughts and concerns, and answering your questions. It also challenges the reader to think, explore, evaluate, understand and then believe. Do read it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
A good resource online is In the tab Quran, you can click on List of All Suras, ie Chapters. Another good site is
For more information, visit Dr Khalid Zaheer's website

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