Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comments on Islam, Muslims, terrorism and personal beliefs

In response to a letter about Islam and terrorism
There are two things that I'd like to draw attention to:
First, this forwarded letter only sketches the picture of what some so called muslims are doing in the name of Islam. While correct, it is also true that there are many other non-muslim terrorists also who are all together trying to foment hatred, terror and destruction in the name of ideologies and religions.
Secondly, rising above and beyond the general state of this world, please remember that we are all individuals. We have all come to this world, and each one of us has an expiry date... one day we must leave this temporary abode we call home. The important question is, is there a reason why we're here, is there a life after death, if so, do we need to prepare for it, and is/are there any guidance in that matter? If the after-life is eternal/immortal, then does the quality of that life depend on this life? If our eternity depends on this temporal life, should we not try to 'rise above the noise and confusion to get a glimpse beyond this illusion'; earnestly worry and seek guidance. If we are just 'dust and to dust we shall returneth' and that is the end of us, then it doesn't really matter, but if there is a purpose to this life, if there is a life beyond, should we not focus our attention to seeking the truth, sifting it out from the myriad of falsehood, subjecting it to moral and scientific scrutiny, trying our level best to be our best possible selves?!

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