Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stoning to death

Question: Samiya, I beg to differ. The Quran (as well as the Bible) both prescribe STONING TO DEATH as a solution to certain undesirable behaviors. Just follow the links in that article that SHOW you the places in the Quran that prescribe this.
The question is not that scriptures prescribe barbaric behavior, but why do some cultures FOLLOW these barbaric behaviors and others don't. Jews and Christians have scripture support for stoning people to death but we don't hear of them do that any more. Why then do the Muslims still embrace this. And I will add that as this article pointed out we don't hear much or any from Muslims AGAINST this behavior. If there was a public uproar against this type of behavior in the MUSLIM community then I would see a movement toward change, but there is none that I have ever heard of.
My question is WHY? And why, Samiya, do you stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact that the Quran supports this behavior?
Answer: Quran DOES NOT prescribe stoning to death. All the sources quoted are from hadith compilation according to Bukhari. Hadith are historical compilation of oral traditions and stories and are subject to many human limitations. Records in it may be wrong or may be right, each has to be evaluated and cross-checked with the Quran.
Unfortunately, some people still think it is divine law. The reasons are:
-Lack of knowledge of the Quran
-Belief in Hadith books as divine source of guidance
-Feudal mindset
There was an era when muslims were highly educated and progressive and Islamic countries were the centre of learning. During those times, much of Europe was in its infamous Dark Ages and many terrible things were done in the name of religion. For various reasons, free thinking and enquiry came to a halt in Muslim countries, and along with sciences and other disciplines, religion also suffered and the door to development of fiqh and sharia work (interpretation of religious edicts to formulate laws consistent with divine guidance and the needs of the time) was also closed.
You, on the outside, find such things reprehensive. Imagine how difficult it is for a muslim to believe in such things and maintain faith. The religion of Islam has suffered much at the hands of those who have misrepresented religion and prevented people from studying and understanding the original texts and taking guidance from it.
As we muslim nations progress and develop our people, it is hoped that more open thought and objectivity will replace the old mindset and thus such practices will be eradited.
What is perhaps central to interfaith discussion is that we evaluate each religion for its merit/demerit based upon its core beliefs and book, rather than take the practices of certain groups and label that as the real religion.
My earlier response to a video posted:
Quran does not prescribe STONING TO DEATH though certain groups do think its a divine law, based upon other books.
I do not believe in those books, and the scholars I know also DO NOT BELIEVE it to be a divine law nor do they think that the Prophet would have ordered it.
The reason I do not believe it:
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