Friday, September 3, 2010

Actions speak louder than words

To my reply to Punishment for Adultery according to Quran, some one commented: "We dont need to listen to what moslems are saying because what they are doing speaks louder."
Answer: The only thing sure about life is that we'll meet death someday_ can we afford the luxury of just writing off religion on the basis of what others are doing or saying??
We all have 24 hours each day and we can either spend it criticizing others, and dismissing them, or use the time seeking knowledge and going to the source of all scriptures to discover the truth for ourselves.
I'm a born muslim, and I grew up in a society with many plusses and minusses. Religion and culture, poverty and charity, pride and humility, fanaticism and liberalism, and many other contradictory practices. I am glad that I was introduced to the Quran early on and could see that many practices were rooted more in culture than in religion, and somehow, the two were so inter-twined that many people were unaware of what was what, and social expediency also adding a further twist to it.
Another thing that bothered me was that I knew very little about other religions. Hence I started exploring what other religions were really all about. I'm glad that I discovered Study Circle and grateful to all those who shared their perspective of their religion and helped me think from different angles and understand better.
Reading the original texts of different religions has led me to believe that all stem from the same source, all have gems of wisdom, and all have been used as tools by certain people to oppress and exploit others. Thus, I do not base my beliefs on the practices of others. My beliefs are based upon what I honestly and sincerely consider to be the truth, based upon whatever little research that I'm able to do, and I pray that I be guided to truth. Amen.

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