Saturday, June 4, 2011

The meaning of lil-mut-ta-qeen

Question: how do you interpret the end of Quran 5:46 which says "to those who fear Allah"
Answer: This is the reason why I insist that only Arabic Quran is Allah's word and translations are human efforts to spread the word.
The arabic word used is lil-mut-ta-qeen which means for the God-conscious. Most translators take it to be synonymous to Fear though it is not neccessarily so. Sometimes I have a different opinion from the published translation, yet I don't change it to maintain the integrity of the source.
If you follow the following link, you can see how four different translators have attempted to translate the same word:

Questioner's response: in both the hebrew of jewish scriptures and the greek of christian scriptures, and especially in the greek, it is closer to the word "reverence"..............on the other hand, sometimes it means fear someone, in the usual english usage........can be complicated.............
My response: I guess reverence for and consciousness of God would neccesarily go hand in hand. In fact, I think an appreciation of His majesty would encompass love and fear and many other emotions, varying from experience to experience, sign to sign, and circumstance to circumstance. It would actually depend on the focus and frame of mind of the individual.

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