Friday, June 10, 2011

Religion and Science

Question: 'Science and religion both originate from the same source'. What does this mean? Science is a man made construct. Its a human form of knowledge. What source does science originate from?
Answer: Evolution existed millions of years before Darwin or Dawkins, right? The Universe, the laws of physics, the science has been there all along. We humans have simply discovered and figured out ways to harness science.
Similarly, if any of the holy books is actually divine, then it must have also originated from the same source as the science... the Creator must be the same, and must know what He's talking about.
We make hypotheses, build theories and reject most of them all the time. The few that pass the test are accepted as facts of science, which again may undergo revision a few centuries down. Similarly, we need to objectively study scripture and see if it makes sense. I think its important if we are ever to evolve from the dogmatic limbo we are in. Personally, to me the Quran does. Many muslims profess faith, but fear losing faith if exposed to scientific scrutiny. Understanding the same origin will help them cross the bridge without fear.

Comment: Endorsing the effort to try to find more "scientific facts" from the Quran? I think it cheapens both fields
Answer: Physicists search for a grand unified theory of Physics. Does that mean they are cheapening the Electromagnetic or the Strong or the Weak force or Gravity? Objective study and exploration of all realms and sources of knowledge doesn't cheapen any one... it simply enriches and provides a wider perspective, similar to how Liberal Arts allow you to delve in and explore different, seemingly unrelated areas of study, broadening your horizon.

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