Friday, October 9, 2015

Purpose of Life and Religion

An atheist asked someone during a discussion: ... I would like yoiu to explaing to me how does your inexistent Allah provide for for the poor children of the world, dying at the pace of over 4,000 per minute? and the parents are veery observant Muslims. Where is the food, the medicines for when they're ill? 
It is as idiotic as in the Christian faith, where also the poorest, the starving are always praying to Jesus to provide them with food. Like with Islam, the more hungry people are, the more religious leaders tell them not to worry, God/Allah will provide. 
Religion kills millions every year. As I say, RELIGION, because it is by brainwashing the ignorant withg this big lie, that Allah will provide, that people die, die and die. 

My response: All people die, regardless of whether they believe in and/or worship any deity or not. The purpose of worship is not to attain immortality and everlasting bliss in this world. This world is transient and destined to end. The comfortable and the delightful in this world is but a preview of what awaits in the eternal Gardens of Bliss.  
God, the Most Compassionate, has given Adam and his progeny a chance, through this temporal life, to establish their trustworthiness and attain God's forgiveness in this world.  [ , ]
This life is a mixture of all sorts of joys and worries, desires and temptations, needs and wants, and all of us are being mutually tested, regardless of the labels of religion, nationality or gender. Its not supposed to be perfect. Neither the joys and prosperity are rewards, nor are worries and pains punishments - everything is a test!   
Immortality and a life of everlasting bliss are promised by God to those who believe and keep their duty. Iblis made a similar promise to Adam and thereby, through temptation and misguidance, caused Adam's expulsion from the Garden. [ ] 
We are repeatedly warned through the scriptures that Iblis and his progeny are enemies of Adam and his progeny (us), and that the promise of Iblis and his progeny are false, while the promise of God is true. You can read more on Iblis' plot to misguide humans on my blogpost Mission of the Messengers [ ] 
In the email below, you raise the question of hunger and poverty in this world. Please see my blogpost on World Hunger and Slavery [ ] 

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