Friday, October 9, 2015

Trustworthiness of Humans

An atheist stated during a discussion with someone: ... thousands of years ago, politicians didn't exist. Religions controlled it all. Wars were between a Muslim Army against a Christian Army or a Hindu Army. 
In many ways, if you look at present day, it is easy to see how Religions are still behind many wars. Even different sects of the same Religion fight.
Nothing of this has the slightest relation to what goes on in the Universe, the movement of the stars, the planets in our solar system, etc, etc

My response: Thank God that the Universe and its governance does not depend on human foolishness! Man hopes to conquer space someday, yet cannot even be trusted with taking care of the earth, its environment, its ecosystem, or even each other! No wonder we've been sent here to establish who is trustworthy enough and who cannot be entrusted with anything precious! 

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