Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Great Contest Between the Forces of Light and Darkness

Question: If all Gods are just facets of the one God, is not Satan also a facet of God?
I see no point in fearing God, Satan/God or Jehovah/God included, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose if I fear God. I would much rather respect God. Fear to me is akin to hatred, something to offer my adversaries, or for my adversaries to see in me. It is not something I would offer, or expect from any being whom I love.
I would rather seek to know and respect any God force. To hold fear in my heart is to know distrust, not something I would like to show any loving God force for in that moment of distrust, or fear if you like, I could expect nothing other than rejection.
Fear is something to be shown by ones prey, it initiates our fight or flee response.
It seems to me if I were to fear a/the God force, I would be running away from it when I would rather move towards it.

Acknowledging one or more gods, and fear or love of God are two separate things. We can choose to be either grateful to the benevolent creator, and love and thank Him for all His care and love and compassion, and consequently obey Him, loyally and lovingly, or we can fear Him and obey Him out of fear of misfortune... that depends on our perspective and understanding. Allah, in the Quran, repeatedly introduces Himself as the loving, compassionate, merciful deity. He informs us of the hereafter, of His universal justice, and gives glad tidings and warnings regarding the same.

Choosing to worship just the one and only creator, or worshiping everything that has the power to give or take anything of value is our choice to make.
When we choose to worship more than one god, I see the fear factor and accompanying superstitions more in such a path. Knowing that there is only one omnipotent force, who creates and controls all, and without whose permission no other can harm or bless anybody else, is a great liberating force.

As they say, its all in the mind!


Upon further discussion: You quoted: Remember the words I spoke to you: 'No servant is greater than his master.'

That itself tells us plainly that no matter what Satan says he has or can offer anybody, he is not God and thus what God says and offers is far better and more reliable.

When God tells us that Satan (or anybody else for that matter) can do only as much as God permits him, then we should simply focus all our energies in finding out what God expects of us, obeying Him and seeking His protection from the devil.

I think the world can be viewed as dualist, tripalist, poly-alist, as many forces we want to fear and reckon with..... but the unitary approach is the simplest, easiest and classiest: one creator, rest all created.... and no servant greater than his master, that is, no created being equal to or greater than the Creator!

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