Sunday, August 23, 2009

Torah and afterlife

Question: The "god" that gave the "law" to Moses forgot to mention anything about some "eternity", or hope of some "afterlife"........i guess he was just too busy? :))))))))))

Answer: I do not think God forgot, I think the people didn’t like the notion of after-life, reward and punishment, and thus slowly weeded it out of the Book.
I think so because I believe that the approach of God and His dictates have been consistent throughout the ages……… He has repeatedly sent messengers telling people this life is but a trial, and that there is a final destination beyond death, an eternal life, and He has sent guidance regarding that. When He stopped sending messengers, He guarded His last message…… it’s a miracle in itself that no alphabet or word of the Holy Quran has changed since it was revealed………and this book addresses all humans and transcends time.

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