Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Infinite punishment for a finite act??

Question: ....And yet, I think there is also a thing called wrong, that all of us can and have committed, myself included. There is no way that a finite creature can perform a finite act that merits infinite punishment, .... But punishment of some kind, yeah I can see it.....I just can't see it as eternal, or as hinging on whether or not one believes in Jesus as God and the only way to know God. Even Catholics, rigid as they are, don't believe that. It strikes me as pure crap.

Answer: It is the seriousness of the crime, not the length of it. For example, a person commits murder at but a point in time, but it is the seriousness which earns him the death sentence or life imprisonment.
Now, if the after-life is to be infinite, I figure the sentences there will also be infinite in nature as but a consequence of the very nature of infinite life. After all, if every moment of this life is a trial for the after-life, then every action is such that it matters an eternity. I guess its difficult for us to comprehend/ come to terms with this concept, bound as we are in this capsule of earth/space/time. To re-state my favourite analogy, a lot of what lies in the future career of a person depends on how well he/she takes his/her high school/college/university exam…. the exam is but for a few hours, but a lifetime depends upon it!

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