Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God, Quran, love and good deeds.....

According to my understanding of Islam, as is in the Quran, all those who believe in the Unity of the One and Only Creator, worship Him alone, do good deeds and live a good honest life, and bear with patience whatever trials life brings their way, take care of those around them especially the poor, needy and orphans, and do all this not to be seen of ( and rewarded/applauded by) men, but for the love of God, have nothing to fear, as Allah is Most Just, Most Merciful, Ever Loving, and nobody will suffer any injustice in the least.
Also, Allah invites all humans again and again to guidance and truth, and offers forgiveness for all things past, if a person willingly comes to truth, and solemnly resolves to give up all sinful deeds and live a just and faithful life. In fact, the doors of repentance are open till before the time a person sees the angel of death/ knows that his/her time is up….. as then it is too late……. We are required to realize the Oneness of the Only Creator/Sustainer through the signs (and science) all around us. We are supposed to reflect and wonder and arrive at the conclusion ourselves that all this around us is not mere chance, that there must be a Creator and all this is His creation, and that it stands to reason that there can be no more than One Creator.
Allah has sent prophets and books for guidance to mankind throughout the ages. Muhammad was the last messenger, and the Holy Quran the final revelation, which Allah has thus taken it upon Himself to protect it from changes, as no more revelations are to be sent. As this is a divine book, and we humans would wonder whether this actually is the very word of God, Allah has kept multiple layers of miracles in it to appeal to all ages and all intellects. It appeals to the morality of our very conscience, and seems to speak the same language. It focuses on the rights of individuals and relations, and strives to create a socially just and vibrant society, where justice, compassion and peace are the order of the day. It exhorts it readers to wonder, look around, explore all things around, and gives such exact descriptions of certain scientific phenomenon that one wonders just how could anybody except God Himself author such a perfect account of everything. Historically, it narrates the accounts of the prophets and the peoples of the past in terms so precise and to-the-point, without unnecessarily romanticising, unlike any such description found in any other book. It foretells certain facts which have turned out to be true. It is mathematically guarded such that not a single alphabet of the Arabic text can be deleted or altered. And to those who’ve read it before, reading again and again reveals layers upon layers of meaning, spiritually raising the reader to higher dimensions of understanding and faith.
To know that God is, and to love Him and obey Him, as He deserves to be loved and obeyed, for to Him we owe all thanks, for the gift of life and all else, and to Him is our final return.

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