Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miracles, special experiences and thin places

In response to someone who has given up on existing religions, and is looking for a special experience:

We experience God daily, in the miracle we call life, all around and within us!
As far as personal special experiences are concerned, they are just that………. moments far too precious to put up for scrutiny and threadbare analysis. Thin places, mystical experiences, dreams and visions, these are to be experienced and felt….. a special blessing to those who receive it. They cannot be adequately put in words, appropriately explained or discussed, and cannot be employed for the task of convincing others of the truth of the matter. Prophets and messengers bygone experienced and spoke of such encounters, performed miracles for the people…… how many actually believed or converted to that? People who are drawn to faith will profess faith in the absence of any miracle, and those who doubt will continue to find excuses such as magic or hallucination or something similar to write off such things. We can discuss facts and ideas, but discussing an experience… I don’t see the point of that.

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