Thursday, April 2, 2015

Literal Interpretation of Quran 9:5 [kill them wherever you find them]

The verse which states [kill them wherever you find them Quran 9:5] is abused by both terrorists as well as Islam-bashers. Yet, if one were to study the context, as well as the directives for taking human life, one would learn that this particular directive was issued to the Messenger and his companions, after announcing the annulment of a particular treaty [Quran 9:1], and giving a four month notice period to them. 

Moreover, studying the stories of the Messengers [messengers are a special class of prophets with whom divine decision comes], one learns from the Quran that each nation to whom a messenger was sent were clearly warned of an imminent punishment if they did not believe and mend their ways, and the punishment did indeed befell all nations thus warned, except the nation of Messenger Jonah as they did believe and mend their ways. 

Further, from other verses regarding taking human life, we come to learn that no one can take human life except as capital punishment executed by the state in two cases: [1] after a person has been convicted of murder, through proper recourse to law and justice; [2] to curtail those who are creating 'fitnah' [corruption/terrorism in the land, disrupting law and order and causing harm]: this could be through courts of justice or through a declared war by the head of the state. 

You might argue that literal translation is the cause. However, in various threads, some members have discussed at length war and abuse, past and present, by various nations and by people belonging to various religions. Those who want an excuse to harm others will always find a way to abuse anything which suits their purpose.   

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