Thursday, April 9, 2015

Smart Solution

On finding someone smarter for solving the world's problems:

How is it possible to find someone absolutely 'smarter' when each one knows/understands something more about something than others, and is less informed about something than someone else? The scriptures seem to be the only source of 'smarter than human' wisdom. A critical yet humble study of ancient wisdom, doubting human (mis)interpretations and (mis)applications, but having faith in the timelessness of the message(s), searching in the original sources, and sifting wisdom from it all, may just be what we need. Its always been with us, perhaps we are just too arrogant/ignorant to use it, and thus wander aimlessly, searching in vain?!    
Whenever we see a building or any other object of human technology, we assume that someone conceived, designed and then built it, and that it needs to be maintained, or it ends up as a ruin. We cannot imagine that it just 'appeared on its own'. We even wonder about the purpose or utility of it. Yet, the idea of a God [Conceiver, Designer, Creator and Sustainer of the Heavens and Earth] keeps getting rejected, as well as the Scriptures [User Manual]. Why? Simply because we ask where God came from? Isn't that ignorance leading to arrogance? A vicious circle of arrogance -> rejection -> innovation -> experimentation -> failure -> suffering -> humility -> resilience -> rebuilding -> arrogance -> ...   
We are all in the same boat [Earth], sailing the same sea [Cosmos] and the welfare of the boat and its passengers [everyone and everything on planet Earth] is our collective responsibility and in our interest. We have to help each other understand that, if the journey is to be pleasant and worthwhile! 

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