Thursday, April 9, 2015

Salvation, Fire and Love

Love: I love God for all He is: His love for me, His beneficence and mercy, His compassion, the sustenance He provides me, the guidance He continually gives me, the messengers and books He has sent, the education He has given me, the words that I’m able to read, write and ponder upon, the mind that He has given me to think and understand, the wonderful people that continually enrich my life and mind, the love and blessings that continually keep coming my way, and for so much more. And every page of the Quran that I read, I find His love and mercy pouring forth: continuously guiding me and telling me what is right and what is wrong, and lovingly telling me to repent from my wrongs and be blessed, reminding me of the unseen, the reality of Heaven and Hell, and how I still have a chance, and how keen He is that I respond to His mercy and love with a true heart, and how wonderful a state of felicity I would find myself in forever, if only I respond.

Fire: The fire of Hell is a reality. God could have used His All-Encompassing Knowledge to fill heaven and hell with us, without sending us to Earth for this trial, but yet, He gave us a chance. And He has given us guidance and warnings, so that we believe and save ourselves.

Salvation: Salvation is a need, our need, because when disease or some affliction strikes us in this mortal world, we find it difficult to bear, and when it gets unbearable, inspite of human instinct for a long life, we sometimes wish for death. But, in the hereafter, there will be no death! Those in the gardens of heaven will be in a perpetual state of felicity, while those in hell a perpetual state of pain. We do, indeed, need salvation from that.

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