Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Faith and its (mis)application

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JM, a scientist and an agnostic who is 90+ years old, wrote: 
I was learning about Communism (30s and 50s) and I disliked it because of unjust cruelty against certain people. (Rakosi, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.)
I was learning about Nazism (40s) and I dislliked  it because of unjust cruelty against certain people. (Hitler, Skin-Heads, Szalasi, etc.)
I am learning about Islam (10s) and I dislike it because of unjust cruelty against certain people. (IS and Saudi beheadings,  etc.)
In my studies I also learned about Catholicism and I disliked it becuase the unjust (dogmatic?) cruelty against certain people in the Inquisition etc. 
I learned about Judaism and disliked it because unjust cruelty against women. It also invoked the cruelty of anti-semites against themselves. 
I did not learn enough about Hinduism and Buddhism to dislike them, too. 
I dislike the "new slaverism" (=capitalism) and "new feudalism" (= global misunderstanding of what may be a democracy). 

My response: I wonder if you were studying the scriptures / ideologies as well? I get the impression that you were studying the human condition: the results of (mis)interpretations and (mis)applications of religions / ideologies and naturally being revolted by it! 
Throughout history, humans have pursued wealth, power, pleasures: desires which within moral limits are permissible and constructive for the evolution of society, yet humans have mostly transgressed all bounds and have caused much suffering. What humans don't seem to understand is that their actions are essentially self-destructive. According to my study of the scriptures, time and again, whenever human civilisations advanced to the point of self-destruction, the Most Compassionate, True God has intervened, first by sending His Messengers and His Scriptures to warn humans about their self-destructive actions, and then saving humanity by wiping out those criminals who were bent upon destroying the world.  
If, for a while, you can suspend the notion that we are the most advanced that humans have ever been, and the notion that God is a terrible, heartless person that people imagine; perhaps a (re)read of the scriptures will help you realise that God is indeed the Most Kind and Most Loving, and enable you to appreciate His Commandments as those which guide humans to protect themselves from harm, lead to better their condition and enable them to build a beautiful future!   
Our world is also advancing towards self-destruction, all in the name of progress, and we are setting humanity up for much harm and suffering. I believe that since the last Messenger (Mohammad) and the last Scripture (Quran) have arrived, now the time for humanity's 'brief stay' on Earth is coming towards its end. People of many faiths, including Muslims, are awaiting the arrival of the Anti-Christ / Beast. It is stated in the Quran: And when (is) fulfilled the word against them, We will bring forth for them a creature from the earth speaking to them, that the people were, of Our Signs, not certain. [ ]
However, as each one of us is in pledge for our own beliefs and deeds, so there is still hope for salvation and eternal bliss! God promises to help and guide those who WILL faith and submit to God's guidance. 

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