Thursday, July 30, 2015

In sha Allah & Ma sha Allah

Sb opined: Here is what stopped Islamic science of 900 years ago. Insh Allah, Ma'shallah! God wills, as god wills! This solves everything, so why study things further. Allah is in control of it all. All is me'toub! Fated by Allah. So studying how photosynthesis works, or what the moon is made from. The moon is made of stone and created by Allah-so what more do we need to know. All is in Allah's hands, and He is the best judge to know!  

My responses: And thus Muslim civilisation suffered the consequence of not heeding to the repeated advise in the Quran to contemplate on nature and use intelligence. 

Please, I repeat, the beliefs of Muslims or people of any faith for that matter, will not serve as an excuse for any of us. We will all be judged individually. God doesn't need us, we need God.  

Just as contemplation and use of intelligence is advised in the Quran, so also is it advised to say 'In Sha Allah'. I understand the 'In Sha Allah' [if God wills] and 'Ma Sha Allah' [as God willed] as a reminder to keep us mindful of the Uncertainty Principle, in that it applies not only to the quantum level, but cascades on to everything. Saying 'In Sha Allah' and 'Ma Sha Allah' reminds us that no matter how earnestly we resolve to do something or how hard we tried, the decision is always with Allah. In this temporal realm, we can only 'choose' to try to do or not do something, however whether we are able to do it or not, and the outcome of our efforts, is determined and decreed by God. This helps to keep us going even when things don't seem to turn out right, as we are assured that all efforts are being recorded and will be compensated in the Hereafter. I suppose one way to understand it is in terms of a software whose designer codes in all outcomes, and the results, though based on user-choices, are already coded in by the designer. The designer is always in full control and the decision is always as the designer designed it. 
I suppose I should acknowledge here that, I do find, on the personal level, God's help and facilitation of matters that seem insurmountable to me, yet stating 'In Sha Allah' [if God wills] in earnestness makes the matter easy and manageable. Alhamdolillah [All Praise and Thanks to God] 

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