Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heating of the Seas - surge in methane

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On the recent spikes in methane emissions in the Arctic, someone asked: 'I am guessing that if this comes to pass, you believe that this Allah's punishment for human, likely Qfar, misbehavior?'

Answer: The heating of the seas is a Quranic prediction for the future. 
The world as we know it is a trial for all humans, whether believers (muminoon) or rejecters (kuffaar). While alive, we all have the choice to choose whether we acknowledge, believe in and submit in gratitude to the One and Only, Almighty God or reject God's existence and/or obedience. This world will eventually end, irrespective of our faith and deeds.  
Those who believed in God and the Day of Reckoning, and accordingly strove to work for their eternal future, so that their balance is heavy with good deeds done with piety, will find themselves appreciated and accepted in God's mercy and grace, and will be admitted to the blissful, eternal Gardens as their inheritance. 
Those who chose to reject God and refuse to acknowledge and appreciate His countless blessings in this life, their deeds have been likened to a mirage, and their state compared to the depths of darkness of the ocean, such that a person can hardly see his own hand. On the Day of Reckoning, God will not bless them nor shower His grace upon them, and they will spend an eternal life in the Fire, neither living nor dying, removed from God's mercy.   
Or as God wills. 

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