Friday, September 18, 2015

Quran: Fact or Fiction

Right, right. And the solid Roof that Allah built for our security over our Earth built by Allah like our Bed, the Paradise and Hell in Sky, the 7 Skies etc. can not be seen by Humans or their Science either. 
We are 5 years old Kids and we must believe in Fair Tales of Allah, not facts of Science.

My response: I've been studying the factual accuracy of the Quran. Please see: 

Mr. ST responds: I had read all that kind of stuff half a century ago so, don't tell me, I am now going to find anything new in it, 5 years old Kid ...!

Later the same day, Mr. ST asks:  
But please tell us Atheists, who should we believe you instead of thinking, Allah or God was creation of Human Minds since it has never proven that it really exists?
* Where are Paradise and Hell of Allah or God in Sky?
* Why they had to be Physically non existent like Allah or God?
* Why is Earth not flat like Allah had spread it like a Carpet and declared it like a Bed or 'farash' for us?
* Why Sun is shining on other side of Earth after it has turned dark, where we live instead of prostrating to Throne of Allah and waiting for his commands to rise from East as Allah had said in Qoraan? 
* Why the Roof that Allah had built over Earth calling it a Sky is not existence?
* Why we do not find Sun and Stars circling around Earth as Allah had told us that they do?
* Why we do not find ourselves born out of Blood Clot?
You see, you may not even understand these questions because we know, your Brain is like a 5 years old Kid, who does not understand between Fact and Fiction so please stop wasting our time with your Childish B.S. ...! 

My Reply: I cannot force you to read my blog[] but should you choose to read it, you might be surprised! If you do indulge, suggest you start with the following: 

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