Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Did the Prophet Have So Many Wives?

In a discussion on an email list, a Hindu raised several objections to Islam, among which was the following objection about Prophet Muhammud (may peace be upon him): 
... Yes all the ancient culture have people practicing Polygamy. Yes, if Mohammed wouldn't have been a prophet, we wouldn't have asked him this question on why Mohammed too so many wifes. Furthermore, taking a daughter-in-law as a wife is not a thing one would expect from a prophet. What about the concubines he maintained in his Harem ?. Is this also an act of prophethood. Yes, he was a prophet to Arabic people but he can't be asked by his followers to be the prophet for the entire man kind.

Since the primary participants of the discussion were not responding to this objection, I presented the following two links: 

Why Did the Prophet Have So Many Wives? 

The Age of Hazrat Aisha at Marriage 

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