Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Someone asked:

Dear Sister in Islam
assalamu alikum...
This ...   is a committed die hard munkir hadith...
I hope you are not his fold  but in line with the Ijma'a (continuous unanimity ) of the ummah in this regard!!! 

My response: 

Walaikumsalam and thank you for your concern.
I'm not persuaded either ways. I acknowledge our dear Prophet (May peace be upon him) and the prophets before him as the greatest teachers of mankind.
However, I also distinguish between primary scriptures (revelations) and secondary sources (as collected and recorded by humans) of guidance that all religions have.
I also distinguish between Sunnah ( living traditions transmitted continuously through practice) and Hadith ( recorded statements in books), which sometimes contradict with the Quran or each other).
I am still studying the Quran and have not yet studied the secondary sources, so I cannot take a position either ways.

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