Monday, January 4, 2016

And Allah knows best!

MSA quotes me and suggests: "And Allah knows best!"
It means what you have said in this post, and written on your blog, may not be correct, and Allah can prove them to be wrong, when these are referred to Him!! 

My Response: Yes of course. I'm a human being with limited knowledge, and prone to errors. I can make mistakes. Quran 20:113-114 state: 'And thus We have sent it down, (the) Quran (in) Arabic and We have explained in it of the warnings that they may fear or it may cause [for] them remembrance. So high (above all) (is) Allah the King, the True. And (do) not hasten with the Quran before [that] is completed to you its revelation, and say, "My Lord! Increase me (in) knowledge." '
And so I hope and pray that Allah increases my knowledge and comprehension of the Quran, and guides me to keep my duty to Allah, and that it is accepted of me. 

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