Monday, January 4, 2016

Creation Verses in the Quran

MSA asked: The word "Creation" encompasses all the creations Allah had undertaken at a time unknown to us. My question to you is: Why this subject is scattered all over the Quran, and why Allah has not described how He created all of his creations in a chronological order, when it is understood that he had written down the Quran before he created the universe, and all that it contains? I will appreciate your help. Thanks. 

My Response: The Quran draws our attention to various wonders of creation and other phenomenon, which we are able to perceive, to help us realise the magnificence of creation and appreciate the power of the Creator. It does not need to list entire creation for our kind perusal. 

The Quran never misses the point. It is a message of warnings and glad tidings. The Quran's basic message is that we are here temporarily, on purpose, and that there is going to be a Day of Judgement when everyone will be recompensed with justice, and that it is the quality of life in the Hereafter that we are here to work for. If we are able to prove our worth for the Gardens of Eden, we will be granted admission. If we are unable to qualify for the Gardens of Eden, then we will end up in Hell. We are given examples from Adam onwards of human responsibility and fallacy in the Quran. I am trying to understand it in my series Mission of the Messengers []. 

I do not know the answer to your last question, nor am I sure of the basis of that belief. As I study the Quran, if that belief is fundamental to faith, I hope Allah will clarify it to me through the Quran. 

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