Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pronoun for God

MSA asked: By the way, why we use the word "He" for Allah? 

My Response: As regards the pronoun 'He' used for Allah, we use it because the masculine pronoun is used in the Quran for Allah. That does not mean that we or the Quran is assigning a gender to Allah, as the Quran is quite clear that it is Allah who has made the genders in creation.    

MSA asked: Can you translate the word "sahibatun" for me, please? 

My Response: You are referring to Quran 72:3 []? Allah knows best whether this verse is there to help us comprehend his Oneness and Unity, or if it is meant to convey more than that. However, Quran 112:4 [ ] is quite clear that there is nothing comparable to Allah. Hence, I dare not speculate. 

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