Monday, January 4, 2016

Quran & Science

MU wrote: I feel sorry for these religionists who are trying their best to save gasping arab religion. They are interpreting man made political book of 7th century in the light of knowledge of science. These understandings are not seen in all older interpretations. But this is not a point, science is progressive and evolutionary subject. Sometime it contradicts it's own previous observations. The question is what these religionists and their god will do, if tomorrow science will say, there was no Big Bang and give another reason of it. 

My Response: It is true that as science progresses, our understanding of the world evolves with it, and as science gets a truer knowledge of the world, the clearer the understanding will become. However, this does not absolve us of our responsibility to study the book we believe is sent by God, for our guidance, who we believe created it all.  

While there might exist the possibility that it may be proved wrong, there is also the wonderful possibility that it will be proved true! For example, in my study of the factual accuracy of the Quran, so far I am wondrously delighted to learn that science is just discovering and verifying the Quran's claim that: 
water has been delivered to the Earth
[ ]; 

that the comets are not balls of ice and dust but rather made of 'teenin lazib'
[ ]; 

that the explanation of the locations that Dhu-al-Qarnayn visited can be logically understood through our knowledge about the polar regions
[ ]; 

and that as forewarned, the seas are beginning to heat up

and so on. 

The believers responsibility is to diligently study the Book, follow the guidance in it, and share their understanding of the reminder, so that other believers can also have assured faith in the unseen and trust in the unverifiable truths that the Book speaks of. 

And Allah knows best!  
[Quran 15:86] For verily it is thy Lord who is the Master-Creator, knowing all things.   

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