Monday, January 4, 2016

Starvation Deaths

SK wrote: Daily 8000 children die? But my question is why their parents continue to fuck without contraceptives and procreate children who they can't feed and support? Isn't it crime of highest order? If they stop producing children like rats there won't be starvation deaths. Simple? 

My Response: 

World Hunger & Slavery

Population Growth & Food Resources 
Morality & Homicide  

Quran (6:151, 17:30-31) identifies poverty as the reason for hunger, and dismisses the notion that population growth leads to hunger, explicitly prohibiting the killing of children due to or out of fear of poverty. At another place, the Quran (Chapter 90) exhorts the free citizens to reduce inequality by freeing slaves and feeding the hungry, stating that these are the difficult yet required things to do. Quran (2:177) lists giving of wealth to the needy and freeing of slaves among the righteous deeds.

According to the statistics, the agricultural yields are more than enough for the current and forecasted world population, yet one in every nine people on our planet suffers hunger every day! Though decrease in population growth is promoted as a remedy to the problem, yet no direct correlation has been found between population density and hunger. Unjust economic systems lead to Poverty and Inequality,  which in turn cause Hunger, Indebtedness and Enslavement! 

An estimated 21 - 36 million people are enslaved today. Though legal slavery was finally banished from all countries in the world by 1981, yet its only changed in title and form - humans continue to be enslaved by fellow human beings. 

This article explores the meaning of the divine instruction and guidance in terms of the relevant information available.   

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