Saturday, February 27, 2016

Improving the Here for the Hereafter

In an email discussion list, the following opined thus: 
HSK: Iblees was angel from species of Jin was he? Quite a number of  his relatives are settled and living in Pakistan! 
SS: Here you are right. God save Pakistan from the clutches of Iblees and his  progenies. 
AM: Whether Iblees was a jinn or Angel the fact is that he had disobeyed Allah JS.  Because it mentions that all bowed except Iblees. Meaning that he was expected to bow. Later Allah explicitly asks him of the reasons as to why did he not bow? - meaning thereby that he was required to bow. 
NK: Iraqis were discussing 'fiqas,' when Halaku's  armies turned their rivers into blood.
When Ahmed Shah Abdali reached Delhi, the discussion in the mosques was, if the Prophet was 'noorani,' or 'jasmani.'
How about producing a product or a service that the world wants?
Develop Systems that work, armed forces, Edhi Foundation, rely less on Mohammad Bin Qasims.

Reply: Agree with all! 

Allah repeatedly invites the Believers to do Good Works and offers the Gardens of Eden as Inheritance to those who heed to the message. Inheritance implies a huge responsibility! We have to work to make this world a better place to prove our worthiness for such a magnificent inheritance. 

Iblees and his progeny are the sworn enemies of Adam and his progeny (us). The Quran explains the origin and objective of their enmity: the destruction of the progeny of Adam. It is important to revisit the verses which inform us thus, so that we can avoid the temptations and pitfalls. Kindly read:

If our country is to progress and our condition improve, we have to fix our thinking and get rid of our ignorance and complacency. We have to educate ourselves and others, urgently!

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