Saturday, February 27, 2016

What affect the Fire of Hell would have on the Jinns?

MSA wrote: "The Quran states that the Jinns have been created from fire: " 
The Jinns would be tried on the Day of Judgment and those found to have lived a pious and Islamic life on earth would enter heaven to live in it, and to enjoy its felicities with the Muslim men! 
But those Jinns who would be found to have not lived their lives according to the teaching of the Quran would be consigned to Hell to burn forever in its inferno. The question is: 
What affect the fire of hell would have on the Jinns?

Reply: Humans are made of clay. If a human is struck with stones or bricks, or if a human is drowning in quick sand, the human finds the experience rather unpleasant, to say the least. 
I imagine the fire of Hell would also have some unpleasant effect on a creature made from fire. 
He who created everyone and everything, including humans and jinns, surely knows what He is warning us about. 

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