Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jinn exist in the Shadow Biosphere

IA wrote: Jinn is anything that is hidden from a person (human). It can mean different things for different people. The Word and phrase itself is linguistically used for acts that appear to be impossible for human to achieve. Its only my humble opinion and understanding. But now if we begin to think that it is a parallel biological species (almost like human) I do have difficulty understanding that concept. Examples: virus and bacteria unkown and unseen at a given time and at a given state of science and technology in any culture. Rays or particles (depending upon whose literature one reads) in a wide EM spectrum that are invisible but yet may have biological effects. Spies and intelligence related people who lurch in shadows. Assassins and special forces who work in the dark. Powerful and ultra rich who can affect the policies and politics in an given city-state. These are just example of Jinns; there are hundreds…..different kinds of Jinnat. 
Of course, God Almight created them all.

Reply: The Quran states that the Jinns have been created from fire: 

وَالْجَانَّ خَلَقْنَاهُ مِن قَبْلُ مِن نَّارِ السَّمُومِ
And the jinn We created it before from fire scorching. 

The Quran informs us that Iblees was exiled to Earth along with Adam, and that Iblees and his progeny are constantly trying to mislead and destroy mankind. 

We are also informed that there are two persons throughout our lives, recording all our deeds: 
إِذْ يَتَلَقَّى الْمُتَلَقِّيَانِ عَنِ الْيَمِينِ وَعَنِ الشِّمَالِ قَعِيدٌ
مَّا يَلْفِظُ مِن قَوْلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ
When receive the two receivers on the right and on the left seated. Not he utters any word but with him (is) an observer ready. 

You may want to search online for Shadow Biosphere for speculations about alternate biochemistry existing along with us on Earth. 

As to people being evil, the last chapter of the Quran is a prayer for protection against the 'khanaas' who are from both jinns and humans: 

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