Thursday, February 25, 2016

WHY & HOW Questions of Faith

WA wrote: An educated person, Muslim or not, will not stop short. He/She would go all the way to ask probing questions before accepting any statement as a matter of fact. This line of inquiry or verification is heuristic and can be pursued only by an educated person. A Mullah does not have the mental enlightenment or clarity to advance on this route in a rational manner. If an educated person stops short, then it is as good as a semi-educated Mullah deciding to tell every one what Allah SWT supposedly says in Quran.

An educated person would like to have a convincing response as to why Allah SWT, Who is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, is unable to communicate with His own creatures without needing the help and assistance of a mortal man doing HIM the favor of  being a via-media? 

What is the main vernacular of Allah SWT ? Why does HE have to choose a language developed by human beings and spoken in a tiny area of the planet, while the great majority spoke other man made languages like Chinese, Spanish, Sanskirit/Hindi, Latin, Farsee etc ? 

Why is Allah SWT handicapped being a monolingual and needs the kindness and favor from His mortal creatures to translate His divine book into other more widely spoken languages ? Human beings are fallible and cannot help injecting human errors into the translations of HIS  divine words into a lingua franca of great majority? 

Couldn't Allah SWT send his Message directly into the hearts and minds of HIS creatures ? Is Allah SWT not capable of sending His Divine Word which simply would not need interpretation by human beings ? Why does He need the help of a mortal, who knows no other language but only one certain dialect of the Arabic language?

How is it rationally determined that the words in Quran are divine commandments of the Creator ? How are these handicaps justified for Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Allah SWT?

Why is the poor semi-educated Mullah blamed when the educated ones too stop short in their inquiry ?

Answer: Allah has granted humans the requisite faculties, and the Quran exhorts and encourages the use of the intellect to question and reason. However, faith is granted on merit: Allah grants faith to those who will it, and withholds faith from those who are too arrogant to humble themselves to the will of Allah. 

The Quran's answers to the WHY questions will only be acceptable to those who believe it to be guidance sent from God. Otherwise, even if all the HOW questions are answered, those who disbelief in the unseen will not be able to accept the truth, no matter how many signs and evidences are presented to them.   

The Quran addresses both the WHY and the HOW questions. Its amazing to read what the Creator's message informs us about the software and hardware of His creation, with the explicit instruction to not to tamper with the software of creation, terming it as the right religion! 

By the grace of Allah, I've been able to undertake a study of the factual accuracy of the Quran, and have shared my learnings online. Please visit my blogs to see if the answers to the HOW convince you to take the answers of the WHY on faith: 

It is always possible to rationally discuss and respectfully disagree, without insulting others or their beliefs. We just have to remember that we can only inform, remind and warn, while it is Allah who decides who to grant faith to and when.   

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