Saturday, February 20, 2016

On Discussing Religion

To an email list, I wrote: I just don't understand why all believers in Allah, the one and only ilah, cannot try to be more kind with each other, sharing with each other our knowledge of the deen, in the spirit of helping each other find our way. 
Even though we are convinced about the veracity of our beliefs, it is quite possible that others with differing views may be right. How will we know if we get angry and refuse to listen and discuss? 
In an increasingly secular world, how few are the people interested in discussing religion? Is it okay chase away those who are trying to make sense of it all? Perhaps Allah chooses to guide them, or perhaps Allah means it to be a learning experience for us. 
I hope and pray that Allah unites us all in the pursuit of truth, blesses us with guidance and is well pleased with us.

Q wrote: When Allah directs firmly to WAGHLUZ A'LAIHIM, your advice to be kind with them goes contrary with Allah. In this kind of situation, you think where do you stand. A small vice be removed by hand, if not by writing or by speech, if not then at least you think that vice undesireable by Allah. But what of the vice of a'qeedah? wouldn't you even do AMR BIL MA'ROOF AND NAHYA A'NIL MUNKAR?? 
Allah asked the Arch Angel Hazrat Jibraeel A'laihissalam to go and turn a town upside down. In a single and quick dive he found an a'abid who had never transgressed against Allah. He went to Allah and said he found a pious man in that town that never disobeyed you. Allah ordered him to destroy the town along with that man whose face never turned blue when this vice was spreading in that town. DO YOU WANT TO TO TAKE THE PLACE OF THAT PIOUS MAN??

Answer: Is not everyone who believes in the one ilah, Allah, a believer? 
Is not everyone who believes in Allah as the only ilah, Muhammad as Rasool Allah and Quran as divinely revealed scripture a Muslim? 
Is not the person who is a Muslim and follows the guidance in the Quran a Momin? 
Does not Quran 49:10-12 declare Momins as a single brotherhood? Does it not order us to not to be sarcastic and judgemental? ... and does it not order us to avoid suspicion as in some cases it is a sin? 
Does not the Quran 23:1-9 define a Momin, and 23:3 specifically mentions a Momin as one who avoids vain talk?    
Does Quran 4:94 not warn us to not declare others as unbelievers, and reminds us of Allah's favour upon us, and that before it we were also like them? 
Does Quran 25:63 not guide us to be humble and offer salam/peace to those we deem ignorant? 
Does 28:55 also not describe the believers as humble, avoiding vain talk and sending peace on those they deem ignorant? 
Does the Quran 48:29 not describe those who are with Muhammad Rasool Allah as being compassionate amongst each other? 
Does not Quran 16:125 advise us to invite to the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and to argue in ways that are best and most gracious? Does it not advise us to show patience and withhold judgement? 
Does not Quran 41:33-35 direct us to repel evil with what is better, emphasising the role of patience and self-restraint? 
Does not Quran 3:132-134 direct us to race towards forgiveness from Allah, and lists restraining anger and pardoning people among the desired virtues of those who will inherit the Gardens? 
Is not gently reminding/ politely advising others also acts of amr bil maroof and nahi annil munkar?  

As regards the story of the upturned town you relate in the second paragraph of your email, I find it difficult to believe considering that when the people of Lut were to be destroyed and Abraham was pleading for the innocent, he was assured that not a single innocent person will be harmed. Moreover, in Quran 48:24-25 it is explicitly mentioned that in the conquest of Makkah Allah restrained the believers because there were believing men and believing women among the Meccans, and had the Muslim army trampled them, they would have unknowingly committed a crime! 

Here we are not even at war. We are discussing religion through emails. Will we not then be kind and cautious lest we incur a crime for being harsh and judgemental? 

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