Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Let the Quran shape our Beliefs

On the discussion if angels are a designation or a form of creation, TS asked: What difference it makes for you if they  are made of light or Noor?  

Answer: One of the most serious mistakes people make when reading the Quran is that they try to read it according to their beliefs, and do all sorts of intellectual jugglery to make it read as per what they think it should mean. Among the most misread verses are those where it states that the angels were ordered to prostrate or submit to Adam and Iblis refused. Just to comply with a non-Quranic belief that angels are a separate creation, created from light or Noor, people resort to stories about how a jinn was with the angels and so on. Once you accept that, the way is opened for misinterpretation of other verses as well. 
If we believe the Quran to be guidance from Allah, and if we believe that the Arabic text is in its pristine form, as revealed, then we must let the Quran shape our beliefs rather than our beliefs telling us how to interpret the verses of the Quran. 

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