Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Decomposition - Recombination

Comment: In my agnostic worldview, however, death means a decomposition of a living? complexity (person) with functioning 'chunks' surviving with/in other complexities (a hint to seers/dreamers with personal fragments showing up). Such idea - of course - opposes the judgemental-day recombination into the original person to be judged. But I never claimed my ideas to be correct. 

Response: From what I gather from the Quran: 
[a] a person dies when the angel of death removes the person's 'nafs' (soul?) from the body (32:11)
[b] a person's fate/deeds are tied to his neck, which will be reproduced as an open book on the Day of Resurrection (17:13)  
[c] resurrection has been likened to seeds germinating when water falls on barren land 
I think the thing that is removed from the body, which causes death, perhaps contains the original person data, the 'essence' I suppose, which will be used for reconstruction. The body is simply a shell which has served its purpose for this terrestrial, temporary abode, and returns to the Earth to be re-cycled. 

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