Monday, March 23, 2015


On my question, What is your position on teleology? Do you think that there is a cause or purpose for everything? Also, what do you think of this: 

SP asks: Does God's existence have a purpose, set by a supergod? If you're happy with the idea of God not being created for a purpose, then why insist that the universe is created for a purpose, and why insist that humans are created for a purpose rather than (as presumably is the case with God) inventing their own purpose? 

My response: Valid question. However, imagining the reason for God would be speculative at best as nobody knows anything about God, nor can we observe God. However, the observable universe/multiverse/creation seems to be purpose-built and the scripture also speaks of a purpose-built creation. 

SP responds: The multiverse doesn't seem to be purpose built, it seems to be random. 

SI: I do not think the current multiverse model is correct. I am more inclined to think of the multiverse in terms of concentric seven layers (seven heavens in the scripture).  I've been thinking about it for a while but I need to study this further before I'm comfortable taking a position on it. 

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