Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Interpretation & Understanding of the Scripture

Question: Did you not previously admit on this list to having to interpret various parts in different ways, and having your understanding of its true/intended meaning change as your understanding and study of it increased?

Answer: Yes, of course. It is natural for a human to understand better as we continue our study. Allow me to explain with an analogy: students study science in school, and though the basics remain the same, they go on to further study and change their understanding as they progress through higher levels. The understanding of science at graduate level and the understanding at a post-doctorate level varies in depth and comprehension, would you not agree?    

When we start off with studying the scripture, we do have a baggage of pre-conceived notions about what we 'believe' the religion teaches. With every reading of the scripture, we refine our understanding. Also, getting rid of the 'baggage' is also not easy. It takes a leap of faith to abandon the pre-conceived notions and to let the scripture 'speak' to you. I think this is common across most religions and even cultures. We tend to see/read only what our minds are willing to comprehend. 

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