Tuesday, March 24, 2015


About reincarnation, an agnostic asks:
One word about reincarnation  I mentioned it and you questioned back. I am no expert in it, but the little what I read from the Sanskrit faith, people can (re)incarnate in any 'living' creature-form and vice versa. So 'they' provide a wider variety for gathering merits-sins than during a single-term human life-span. 

Answer: You are referring to the monotheistic Vedic faith or its later evolution into the polytheistic Hindu faith? Both are written in Sanskrit language. The Hindu faith includes the books of the Vedic faith. 
Perhaps, but who knows how many reincarnations are allowed, and if this is the last one? There is one verse in the Quran (23:99) to the effect that the dying person will request to be sent back so that they can be righteous, but there will be a barrier till the Day of Resurrection.  Quran (32:10) also says that they will request to be sent back, but it will be denied, while Quran (6:28) states that even if they were returned, they will do the same. Considering these verses together, faith seems to be something much deeper and fundamental than what it appears to be.

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