Monday, March 23, 2015

Qadiani or Muslim

An atheist's objection about Knowledge, Islam and being Qadiani in Pakistan: 
If Seeking knowledge is encouraged it's very strange that although Muslims make up 23% of the world's population since 1900 only one Muslim has won a Nobel Prize in science, Ahmed Zewail won for chemistry in 1999.  Abdus Salam won for physics in 1979 and his tombstone said "First Muslim Nobel Laureate", but the Pakistani government officially decreed that Ahmed Zewail was NOT a Muslim and ordered that the word "Muslim" be erased from his tombstone. 

Answer: A number of times the Qadiani sect/religion has been referred to in various conversations pertaining to Islam in this list. Just for clarity, let me explain it with the Judaism-Christianity analogy. Both believe Moses to be a prophet of God. Both also believe that the Torah/Old Testament is a scripture. Christians believe in Jesus where as Jews don't. Christians believe in the gospels while the Jews don't. Christians do not call themselves Jews, nor is there any problem with that. 
Similarly, the Qadiani sect/religion believes in Muhammad and the Quran, yet they also believe in another latter prophet. They are free to practice their religion. its just that a law was passed that they should not call themselves Muslims.  By the way, Dr Abdus Salam was a Pakistani, and Ahmed Zewail of Egyptian origin. 

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