Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Selected God's Children?

Question: We (scientists? mainly) know about zillions of galaxies, zillions of starsystems in all of them, many planets with those z^z^n stars capable of supporting some bio of their own circumstances, many-many of them potentially leading to thinking units. Are we the ones selected from all those to be the sole "God's Children", or all of them are entitled to Her care and particular fitting rules? 

Answer: We are all God's creations, not God's children. 
No, we are not 'selected from all those to be the sole "God's Children" ', but, according to the Quran, we have been selected above a greater part of creation. There exist other beings who are 'greater' than humans, such as the 'exalted assembly' mentioned in the Quran (37:8 and 38:69) 
All creation is, bio or non-bio, willing or unwilling, and in gratitude or not, under God's care and rule.

Question: But the question goes on: how about the animals? are they "God's children" as we are, or are they just fodder? and please, do not stop here: PLANTS have a similar DNA-based bio to ours and to most animals' so they may also claim to be God's Children? Some animals are hard to distinguish from humans, in certain characteristics. If we go into that: how about insects, and in-between life-forms? That would raise the originally counted (today) ~8 billion human 'souls' to z^z^z times over with life circumstances varying in uncanny varieties. Do they all have the same 1 God, or each kind a separate one? 

Answer: The same one God. If there were more than one, who would have ruled and who would have taken a back seat. Two kings can't rule a realm. How can there be more than one God? 

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