Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Women in Islamic Societies are frequently Punished

Perception: Women in Islamic societies are frequently punished for being raped, their husbands are allowed to beat them (against their will, I have nothing against consensual BDSM), they are sentenced to stoning to death for adultery (even when they were raped), they have to dress in a certain way and can be publicly lashed for not doing so and they are prevented from going to school. Even recently, young girls were attacked for attending school. 

My Response: The Quran prescribes (24:1-14) 100 public lashes for adulterers (not rape victim);  for that 4 witnesses of the crime are required, and if the witnesses are found to be lying, then 80 lashes for the persons who give false witness, and they are to be banned from bearing witness in any other case. 
Regarding beating by husbands, you refer to 4:15. I think the interpretation of the word d-r-b is incorrect, and it is separation which is advised, not beating. However, most translators and scholars insist it means beating. I disagree. 
Quran advises (24:31) women the covering of  their bosoms with scarf; head covering is not explicitly stated but it's traditional in almost all religions. Mother Mary's statues all show her head covered. Muslims did not make those statues. Also, till about a century ago, almost all people, men and women, used to wear some sort of headgear, in most cultures. 
The Quran also advises (33:59) draping a cloak over the body, when going out, if one fears for her safety. Isn't that good advise? 

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