Thursday, December 11, 2008

Allah is God, The Deity

Question: Please stop referring G-D to allah! allah is NOT G-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a false G-D maybe; at best and yes the only way to eternal life is through JESUS CHRIST for he sent his only begotten sonhe was the final sacrificeto pay for all of our sins and the only way to reach the father is to reach Jesus,KNOW THAT HE PAID FOR YOUR SINS BY GRACE!

Answer: Allah is not a name specific to Islam…. The Arabic translations of the Bible refer to God as Allah. The word Allah was already in use in pre-islamic Arabia where the pagans used this term to refer to the highest deity.
Allah is Arabic concatenation of two words: Al meaning THE and ilah meaning DEITY, so it essentially means THE DEITY, commonly used by pre-islam Arabs to refer to the highest god. Quran uses the same term to refer to The Creator, the eternal being to whom worship is due..... the only difference between Islam and other religions' use of the word Allah is that, in Islam, Allah is the only deity, while others ascribe partners to Him.

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