Sunday, December 7, 2008

Books of the People of the Book

Question: If you study the Quran and have not studied the Torah, or the New Testament how can you say you are a scholar? The Quran as I read it speaks about the people of the book many, many times. Read the books of those People.

Answer: Did I call myself a scholar? No, I’m just a plain muslim who likes to discuss religion to understand the reasons behind other peoples’ conviction and faith in their religion, and shares her understanding and faith, as I believe we all are, indeed, here in this group, for a common cause, in pursuit of knowledge. By the way, I have read both The Old Testament and The New Testament. In the very beginning of the Quran, we are told that this book(the Quran) is a guidance for those who are pious…. And the definition of pious that follows includes faith in the revelations on Muhammad, and those before Muhammad, so you see, it is mandatory upon us to believe in, respect and honour all prophets, messengers and holy books. But, we are also told that, over time humans have made changes in those books, and that we will have to use the Quran as the measure of truth when studying those books. Thus, we accept all that is in accordance with the Quran….. for instance, Jesus says that He has come to confirm the Law, the Quran confirms this so we believe that Jesus was indeed sent as a prophet to the Jews to confirm the Laws, and to explain the wisdom of it.

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