Saturday, December 6, 2008

Original Sin

Question: Many religions, including those of the “people of the book,” posit an “original sin” as the explanation for why and how suffering, pain and death entered into creation. The theory is that humans (symbolized in Adam and Eve) somehow caused it by their fall from grace in paradise.

Answer:The Holy Quran presents a very different picture from what the Christian belief is, even though, unfortunately, many muslims also somehow tend to understand this in biblical terms, as it has come to be the popular belief. According to the Quran, we are all here for a trial period, will be raised after death and will be judged on the basis of all our intents and deeds, big and small, and then live forever, either in the gardens[jannat] of Heaven, or in Hell, or as Allah wills. Humans, specifically, Adam and Eve, are not the cause of our pain, suffering and death. It is but the way Allah has chosen to design our trial period on Earth. Each and every person is responsible for his/her own actions, and all things happen according to Allah’s plan. All we can do is intend and try to make something happen. But, what actually happens, is what Allah has decreed. Which is why we will not be judged on the results, but rather on our intents and actions. Adam was created as a vice-regent/messenger for Earth………… for whom??? Fossil records indicate there were humans pre-dating Adam. We have discussed this also at You’re welcome to join.You can also check out why I do not think man is central to creation at my blog:

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