Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Good God sends people to eternal damnation?

Question: I certainly do not "believe" that a Good God sends people to eternal damnation or "hell"................that kind of cruel "god" is not "love

Answer: God forbid, but just suppose, somebody robs, loots, rapes or murders you or your loved ones, how would you react? What would you demand? Will you find it in your heart to forgive this person, and let him live happily ever after? No, you would demand justice, anybody would, definitely, and immediately! God is kind enough to give us a life time to repent and mend our ways………… but it would not serve the purpose of justice if, after a lifetime of piety and obedience, of justice and fairplay, of honesty and sacrifice, of love, charity and compassion, the pious and the sinners all go to heaven…………. How would the millions who suffered at the hands of criminals in this world feel if all the criminals ended in heaven?
And don’t good doctors prescribe medicines which good people take to rid their bodies of harmful bacteria and viruses?
Don’t good people use pesticide to keep their houses pest-free?
Don’t good legislators make appropriate laws to deal with the criminals in society?
Don’t good cops try and prevent criminal activities, and arrest suspects?

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